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Atelier 01 - FR.BE.NL

Atelier 01

Atelier 01, a Ground Research initiative was a travel workshop organised and designed for students of diverse disciplines of design from across India. The workshop started by shortlisting a group of eighteen individuals. These eighteen participants coming from various fields of designs came under one roof to work cohesively towards a larger goal of exploration of their innermost interest.

Atelier 01 truly started four weeks prior to the journey itself, with students reading through several articles, essays, watching videos, documentaries, interviews. This was intended to incubate them and bring them to the same level, and leave them with heightened inquisitiveness prior to their journey. These questions were to set a precinct to their journeys ahead.

During the journey there were the guest speakers and organisations who provided us with a diverse viewpoints. A series of eight discussion sessions designed deepened the questions further, which eventually provided a support to each individual to explore their reason of being designers. This provided two things - one is it reinforced their belief in what they’re doing with going past further the mere liking of what they do. Two, it opened up an access to each one of them to discover their personal areas in which they would evolve and flourish. The outcome what one sees is a mere byproduct. However, this byproduct is an outcome coming from their evolved thoughts and their profound understanding of design.

Atelier 01 Publication Link: Click Here

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