Private Residence



350 sqm.

Completed - 2014

The design is an abstraction of a Lucknawi Haveli. The series of horizontal cast-in-situ concrete wall divide the spaces from more communal to more intimate spaces. These walls also help create series of landscape courts – the way a Haveli inherited within.

Pertaining to ‘Vaastu’, the important components of a house are the North facing entry; East facing pooja room; position of water element, master’s bedroom, kitchen. There are several other design sensitivities taken into account like the master’s bedroom is in the same axis to that of a pooja room, and with the skylight above bringing East light in the morning, as soon as the master steps out of the bedroom gets the first glimpse of the deity. This is both experiential as well as a symbolic gesture on the part of design.

The design also accommodates experiential elements like white pebble court around the pooja area, a lotus pont in the front lawn, patio for breakfast, landscape terraces and terrace garden.

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