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Inclusive Design Workshop

In March, 2013 Shantesh conducted a workshop for the students of architecture at the Department of Architecture, KLS GIT.

The workshop dealt with addressing the pressures the fraternity faces, and is likely to face in the coming future.

With a rapid development witnessed by our planet in the last five decades, and an immense amount of architecture created during that time. And, now with an anticipation of creating even more interventions in the next couple of decades than done in the last five, there is a huge pressure in the architects. This leaves a void – a void of no (or very less) exploration and hence evolution.

The workshop intended at detaching ourselves from being the (false) ‘proclaimers’ of the definition of a space, thereby releasing the participants from the tenet of constructing and then reattempted to create a space.

This exercise is a part of a much larger experiment to understand cognitive processes carving the manifestations of the future evolution of societies. Too ambitious as it may have sounded for the duration we had for this workshop, it did form a genesis for beginning of this enquery.

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