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Ecology & Architecture - A Term Elective at KLS GIT

Shantesh Kelvekar conducted a term course for the fourth year students of architecture between March - May 2014 at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum.

As part of the elective titled - Ecology & Architecture 8 lecture sessions of 30 hours were conducted every Saturday. Apart from that there were two guest sessions by Guruprasad Shivkamat and Shreyank Khemlapure were conducted too.

The outcome of the elective was an individual research paper by each student.

Lecture Series:

1. Social Issues and Architecture

2. Religion and Architecture

3. An Artist should be sensitive and not emotional

4. Ideas - Guiding Force as the Past and not Future

5. Importance of the Choosing appropriate Medium of Expression

6. Importance of Choice of Words

7. Asking the ‘Why’ in any design project

8. Discussion on Individual Thesis Topics

Guest Seminars:

1. Shreyank Khemlapure - Topic: Future of Cities (Etymology of Architectural Terms, Artificiality of Natural Landscapes in the City, Organic/Inorganic growth of cities)

2. Guruprasad Shivkamat - Topic: Psychology (Understanding Diverse Psychological Characteristics)

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