Guggenheim Museum

Public Building


4.58 acres


A museum is a unique kind of a public building which instead of being defined by the context defines the context. And yet a museum sits on a site belonging to the context. Our proposed design elevates the museum liberating it completely from the fabric around. The site opens up to for the citizens of the city – to respond to the context, thus letting the museum create a seamless connect and in gaining acceptance from the local non-creative community too. 

The Museum becomes a cohesive entity of the fabric. Our design sits in the middle of a dense grid of trees proposed to plant on site. The trees decremented in height towards the museum drive the focus onto it; and a labyrinth of interactive paths through the trees lead to the spaces inside the museum. The museum is emancipated and yet is for the people of Helsinki.Guggenheim, Helsinki becomes unique as it redefines the museums by dissecting the known and recreating it as new interpretations. It is a story that unravels itself in course of time to the city.

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