The Capitol



7.4 acres

Concept · Schematic

This housing project located in Vijaywada is one of the first high-rise to come up - with the site incorporating 850 dwelling units. Such typology being fairly new to Vijaywada, we have a vision to set a benchmark for other developers by providing rich green spaces and by being ecologically sensitive to a larger realm around.

With such a dense development on a fairly small site, conventional design method would have left us with under 25% of land for landscape. By working closely with architects, modifying built footprints and introducing landscape over basement slabs we are able to achieve over 70% of site’s un-built areas as green spaces.

The intention is not only to achieve green spaces, but to weave them as part of a larger strategy which responds to a territory and incorporates native species of vegetation. Also, one more important feature of design  is that it takes into account water conservation by collecting podium and terrace excess water and recycle it through a series of natural filtration system.

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