Dandeli Resort


Dandeli, North Canara

2.3 Acres


Dandeli is a place in the middle of the forest, where people normally go either for adventure sports or to find recluse. Our intent with design is to provide people with what they aspire for. The resort is designed in such a way that it could host a small family of three or a large corporate group of a hundred, and be able to cater to both.


The design takes advantage of the sites orientation, and uses it to capture views of the backwaters as well as orient the main block in such a way that it responds climatically. The primary usable spaces are oriented towards north, thereby cutting the glare as well as lowering the temperatures. The overall plan tilts by 22° to ensure that it receives western sun during the evenings to avoid algae growth or moisture on the northern walls without actually gaining any heat.

Each area opens into private common courts, thereby retaining a sense of intimacy, and not have the most private spaces opening up towards a common public area. At the same time, it is ensured that the guests staying not only have views but are also a part of the nature. The contextual landscape is borrowed within the site as part of the design strategy.

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