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a THOUGHT – a bold, erotic, evocative, coarse and brewing idea manifested in the form of a magazine. A journal focusing on a transdisciplinary approach to communicate diverse outlooks and views of apparent situations prevailing in society – in a subtle yet engaging manner.

an ENQUIRY – curious, raw and a sarcastic series of examination of the happenings, the conditions and the possibilities of the processes that determine the urban conditions. This inquisition forms the seeds the idea for the magazines’s explorations across disciplines, sectors, stakeholders and the life of the people within which the magazine is being manifested.

a NARRATION of urban mannerisms through the form of storytelling. Stories that communicate the everyday, the everywhere and relate to the everyone. The magazine hinging on the pop art culture, by means of playful dialogues and sensational graphics intends to exhibit the obscure collage society we inhibit.

is being in DEBATE– a constant of state of argument and discussion with the reader, the authors by themselves and with the society at large. The content of the magazine thereby does not encourage to provide solutions or advocate any form activism. It is oriented to be interrogative in nature and impressionable in form to render idea of the contemporary culture.

is COLLABORATIVE in effort. The magazine being trans-disciplinary in its very composition and in its outlook, pursues to discuss and put forth stories that are fictionalized recitals of the urban circumstances. In this investigation, the journal encourages sharing and exchange of ideas from like minded citizens.

is CINEMA– topical in content spectacular in visuals, dramatic in expression. and non-chronological in screenplay. The magazine is an eroticism of the urban realities to seduce and inject a realization of the multitude systems that we confront in our daily way of living – urbanism.



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